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At any time, and without cause, subscription to the service may be terminated by accessing your Account Page on the Site or by following the instructions provided to you by PayPal at the time of signup. Subscribers are liable for charges incurred until the date of the termination. Subscriber will have access for the remainder of the paid month, but will lose access to the site following the date of renewal found in their account.

Refunds or credits will not be issued for partially used Memberships. Cancellation for all future recurring billing may be requested in accordance with Section 8 - Cancellation. Should a refund be issued by Stripe Billing for any reason, it will be credited solely to the payment method used in the original transaction. Stripe Billing will not issue refunds by cash, check, or to another payment mechanism.

Cardholder Disputes/Chargebacks
All chargebacks are thoroughly investigated and may prevent future purchases with TheRevel and/or Stripe Billing given the circumstances. A chargeback fee of $15 plus the chargeback balance may be incurred for fraudulent chargebacks. Fraud claims may result in Stripe Billing contacting Subscriber's card issuer to protect Subscriber and prevent future fraudulent charges to Subscriber card.